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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Football Box

Okay so I was worried as soon as I found out my son had a male teacher! And for none of the normal reason's I am sure. How does a crafty mom who makes crafty things for teachers gifts going to make something for a male teacher and not make him feel like he got a frufu girly gift? Well I thought and I thought real hard and this is what I came up with, a twist on the one sheet box. Matthew's teacher happens to be the football coach and big into sports in general. This is totally a non SU paper (when your in a pinch you improvise!) but the ribbon is. I filled it with a yummy treat and I will be making a tag to go on it but I was so thrilled how it turned out I had to share right away.


  1. so cute! logan's teacher could've received this same gift box as he's the football coach also. still very creative. i'd love to learn the one sheet box - i bet that comes in handy for so many occasions.

  2. Another great daughter is a Senior this year and she as well as other Senior girls have adopted Senior Football players and this so do just have to share your Thanks Lori