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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My little purse book

I made this so I would always have a place to write a note or thought or shopping list. Well always until I fill it up and need to make another. The base of this project is a mini composition book, you can find these pretty much anywhere office supplies are sold...Walmart to Walgreens. This is a great project to pull out the scraps for. Cut pieces for the front and back apply with lots and lots of Snail or use a glue stick! :) Sand around the edges...this will actually help get the edges down better as well as giving a nice finished look. I used a solid textured cardstock for the "binding". I soo love my taffita ribbon and antique button, I might actually giggle to myself when I pull this out of my purse but shhh don't tell anyone. The ribbon you see on the top is attatched to an adorable mini paper's my page keeper. Use an elastic hair band for the closure. I affixed mine with a large brad on the back and a rhinestone brad on the front to loop around. Simple simple but oh so chic.


  1. That is way cute - but how do you keep your kids from stealing it? Every time I put a notepad in my purse, it mysteriously disappears and inevitably shows up in my girls' room.

  2. The key is give them one as well. Doesn't have to be as cute but as long as their hands are occupied with there own then you should be good. Wait till you see the next one I post! Hopefully tonight.