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Friday, May 15, 2009

Card Wallet

This a is a great gift set. I just held a class last month making the same project but with a different stamp set and papers. Well I guess the only thing that was the same was the fact that it had a set of 4 cards and matching envelopes and a cute holder for the set.
This is a great project simple and makes a wonderful gift. This can be done with your favorite stamp set and your color pallet de jour. Absolutely no limits to this project and always a crowd pleaser.
This is a set that I took inspiration from another demonstrator. Used her pattern for the card holder itself but the rest is all me. Here is how.

8-1/2x11 Card Stock

Sticky Strip

Score 8 ½ x 11 sheet of Card stock at 2 ½ (down the 11" side) and 5 ½” (across the 8-1/2" side). Cut a notch in the center of the pocket, from the edge of the page up towards the score line at 2-1/2", it will be a smallish triangle. Place sticky strip on the out side edges of the pockets and fold up to make the pockets. Fold in half and you have your wallet. For closure you have a few options. I used a magnet on this one it proved a little tricky when I was showing others. I like the ribbon trick. punch holes on both sides of your closed project about 1/2 inch in and equidistant from top and bottom. Thread the ribbon threw from the front to the inside back out the closest center back hole and in threw the other back hole then back out the last hole. This adds a little better hold of your cards on the inside and closes with a great bow on the outside.

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